Dispute resolution

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CAM is one of the Arbitration Centre member of the Network of Mediterranean Arbitration Centres of ISPRAMED - the Institution for the Promotion of Arbitration and Mediation in the Mediterranean.
ISPRAMED supports the diffusion of alternative justice tools within the framework of Euro-Mediterranean commercial relations as well as the growth and consolidation of Mediterranean arbitration and mediation centres.
To this extent ISPRAMED established and coordinates a Network of seven ADR centres in the area aimed at exchanging best practices and elaborating common principles in the management of arbitral procedures.

Currently ISPRAMED Network includes:

  • Centre for Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation of Algiers
  • Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration
  • Milan Chamber of Arbitration
  • Tunis Mediation and Arbitration Centre 
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Centre
  • Arbitration Court of Morocco
  • Lebanese Arbitration and Mediation Centre


  • promotes alternative justice among public and private institutions in Italy, Europe and in Mediterranean countries through advocacy activities
  • organizes workshops and seminars on ADR addressed to companies, institutions and legal professionals;
    develops studies and researches on ADR in the Mediterranean to be promoted among local legal and business communities;
  • provides information about ADR in the Mediterranean countries.