Dispute resolution

Nowadays increased level of international trade and investments require an impartial, rapid and trusted resolution mechanism of international disputes. In this context, international arbitration became the most important method for the resolution of international disputes, to a great extent replacing the recourse to State Courts.

The main aim of this program is to provide a general overview of international arbitration and to expose the participants to both the theory and practice of international arbitration proceedings. The dynamics of international arbitration proceedings will be illustrated taking as a model the Milan Chamber of Arbitration’s practice. The program will be of great benefit to those participants looking to build their career in international arbitration or having interest in increasing their practical and theoretical information on international dispute resolution methods. The Faculty of the program has extensive experience on international arbitration and the main focus of the program is designed to provide practical insights on Turkey and Italy.

Marina Nitrola, CAM case manager since 2009, is one of the instructor of the program.

This international arbitration certificate program is organized by ILIDA (International Law Investment & Development Association).

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