Risoluzione delle controversie

Commercial arbitration users are increasingly demanding more openness, predictability and certainty regarding the arbitral process and its players. In the competitive market of commercial arbitration, major arbitral institutions have recognised this call and are actively driving transparency measures. It remains to be seen how far these trends will evolve, and how far institutions will go to offer the desired benefits of transparency without jeopardising the continued, competing demands for privacy and confidentiality.

How do these trends verify in the CEE & CIS region and what are the available tools that can be implemented by arbitral institutions to achieve transparency, accountability and a better choice of arbitrators ?

Building up on the example of the Arbitrator Intelligence (AI) initiative, the aim of this event is to gather representatives from the most used arbitral institutions in the CEE & CIS region (CAM, GIAC, ICC and SCC) and the director of the AI in a debate over the available tools which can be implemented in order to achieve increased transparency in international arbitration (selection of arbitrators procedures, publication of arbitrators’ names and awards, confidentiality, publication of statistics, diversity in the appointment of arbitrators).

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