Dispute resolution

azzaliStefano Azzali, Secretary General of the Milan Chamber of Arbitration, was appointed President of IFCAI, the International Federation of Commercial Arbitration Institutions.

IFCAI was established in 1985 and it now consists of 52 member organizations worldwide.
The Federation’s aims are to establish and maintain permanent relations between commercial arbitration institutions, foster a broad exchange of information on all aspects of arbitration and conciliation, encourage the responsible use of these dispute resolution techniques and facilitate the exchange of information on member organization services.

The IFCAI Council members in charge until 2021:

Stefano Azzali (Italy – CAM)

Secretary Treasurer
Ismail Selim (Egypt – CRCICA)

Vice Presidents
India Johnson (USA- AAA)
Nassib Ziadé (Bahrain- BCDR)

Sarah Grimmer (Hong Kong- HKIAC)
Alexander Fessas (France – ICC)
Carlos Forbes (Brazil – CAM)
Gaston Kenfack (Cameroun - APAA)
Anthony Abrahams (UK- CIArb)
Sundra Rajoo (Malaysia- KLRCA)
Alexey Kostin (Russia - Russian International Commercial Arbitration Court)
Alice Fremuth-Wolf (Austria- VIAC)