Beyond judgments. Towards solutions

Arbitration is a method of resolution of commercial disputes, both domestic and international, with times and costs alternative to the judicial process.
The Parties may appoint the arbitrators, who are highly qualified in relation to the subject matter of the disputes and will decide the dispute within a set time limit.
For further information, consult the Milan Chamber of Arbitration Rules, the schedule of fees and the model clauses.

At the request of the parties, the Milan Chamber of Arbitration offers a service of appointment of arbitrators and experts.

Arbitration allows parties to settle commercial and civil disputes, both domestic and international, without going before a judicial court. Essential feature to arbitration is the possibility, for both parties, to choose the subjects that will solve the dispute, therefore avoiding recourse to a judicial Court.

The 1958 New York Convention, ratified by more than 157 Countries, ensures arbitral awards be recognized and capable of enforcement almost everywhere in the world, therefore enhancing the settlement of those disputes involving parties with different nationalities.

Arbitration shall be used if the parties included an arbitration clause in their contracts or bylaws.
In case a dispute arises and no arbitration clause is included in their agreement, parties may agree on arbitration by entering into a submission agreement to arbitrate.