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The winner of the 5th edition, the MGIMO University of Moscow; below, from left to right,  Università degli studi di Milano (second place) and Universidade Nova de Lisboa (third place)

The Italian Association for Arbitration (AIA) and CAM have been jointly organizing the AIA-CAM Pre-Moot for teams participating in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot for many years.
During these years, the number of team asking to participate and those who actually participated, has constantly increased.
Now, the Organising Committee has drafted a list of criteria in order to transparently disclose how teams are selected to join the Pre-Moot, with the aim of granting a proficiency educational experience.
In any event, AIA and CAM reserve the right to take any adequate measures in order to ensure the good outcome of the Pre-Moot in terms of confrontation of different legal backgrounds.

The 5th edition was held in Rome on 20-21-22 February 2020.

AIA and CAM wish to thank all the professionals that joined the 5th edition of the Pre-Moot as arbitrators, thus making it possible! This practice is all about supporting the next generations in arbitration, providing a unique training experience as it comes from practitioners willing to share their knowledge. Working together has been a privilege, and we hope to double it in Milan in 2021!
Here you can find the final programme with all the names of the arbitrators who devoted their time and energy: thank you all!

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AIA-CAM Pre-Moot