Dispute resolution

If the arbitration clause refers to the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan, or to the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, the Chamber of Commerce of Lodi, the Chamber of Commerce of Monza and Brianza or the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza–Brianza and Lodi, however labelled, the claimant may file a request for arbitration with the Secretariat or send it by courier or registered mail.

The request for arbitration must be signed by the party or by its counsel with power of attorney and must contain all the requirement specified at art. 10.2 of the Rules.

The request for arbitration shall be filed in one original for the Milan Chamber of Arbitration and one for each party, plus as many copies as there are arbitrators. Any attached documents shall be filed in one copy for the Milan Chamber of Arbitration, one copy for each party and as many copies as there are arbitrators. 
With the exclusion of the original for the Milan Chamber of Arbitration, the attachments for the parties and the arbitrators may be filed in digital format as well.

The request for arbitration can be filed in Rome, at the CAM branch office.

No cost is due at the moment of filing the request.

According to the Italian fiscal law (DPR 642/1972) parties are required to put fiscal stamps ("marche da bollo") on their original submissions (one fiscal stamp of 16.00 euros every four pages of the original submission and one fiscal stamp for the power of attorney - if it is not notarial).

The Secretariat shall transmit the request for arbitration by any appropriate mean allowing for a formal proof of delivery (art. 6.2 of the Rules). Claimant may send the request for arbitration directly to respondent, provided that the request is also filed simultaneously with the Secretariat. In any case, any time limit set by the Rules runs from the sending of the request made by the Secretariat (Art. 10.3 of the Rules).

What happens if the arbitration clause does not refer to the CAM or to its Rules or if there’s no arbitration clause at all?

The party can deposit an arbitration proposal according to Art.1.3 of the Rules.

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