Beyond judgments. Towards solutions

CAM launched a branch office in Rome to meet the need of parties, counsels and arbitrators from the Central and Southern areas of Italy
The Rome branch provides for the administration of new arbitration cases, as well as to support the pending ones. Indeed, the places where each case is developed and performed are not bound by the seat of the arbitration.
CAM is here represented by a case manager, and it offers - at no additional cost - assistance to local parties and counsels when drafting their arbitration agreements, administers new requests for arbitration, hosts arbitral hearing etc.

The Rome CAM branch is located in via Barnaba Oriani 34, at the premises of AIA (Associazione Italiana dell'Arbitrato), in light of a successful cooperation between the two institutions.
The Rome branch is led by Ms Benedetta Coppo.

Benedetta Coppo
Milan Chamber of Arbitration - Rome branch office
Via Barnaba Oriani 34 - 00197 Rome - Italy
Tel: +39 06 4203.4324
E-mail: [email protected]
By appointment only