Beyond judgments. Towards solutions

Parties may request the Milan Chamber of Arbitration to appoint arbitrators and experts also in ad hoc proceedings.
In any case, until the constitution of the arbitral tribunal, parties may agree to amend an ad hoc arbitration into an administered arbitration, providing for the application of the CAM Rules.
Such an agreement may occur either following the proposal of one of the parties, ratified by the other party, or at the first hearing of the constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal. In the last case, both the parties and the Arbitral Tribunal may request the assistance of a CAM functionary.

For further information and for free assistance, please contact the Milan Chamber of Arbitration

How to submit a request for the appointment of arbitrators of experts

Through the ‘appointment service', parties may refer the appointment of arbitrators and experts to:
- the Arbitral Council;
- the President of the CAM;
- the President of the Arbitral Council of the CAM.

The application for the appointment shall be filed within the Secretariat of the CAM and shall contain:
- the name of the parties and of the parties' counsel, if any;
- the names of the arbitrators, if appointed by the parties;
- a short description of the dispute, of the parties' claims and their value;
- any indications as to the number of the arbitrators and the way for their selection;
- the arbitration agreement.

Costs of the service (in force from 3 June 2019)

Amount in dispute up to Euro 2.500.000
- Euro 1.000 plus VAT where due, for each individual appointment.
- Euro 2.500 plus VAT where due, for the appointment of a whole panel (3 arbitrators).

Amount in dispute above Euro 2.500.000
- Euro 4.000 plus VAT where due, for each individual appointment.

Terms of payments

Payments may be made:
- by cashier's cheque to the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan
- bank transfer to 'Camera Arbitrale di Milano' account n. 000061000X20 Banca Popolare di Sondrio, sede di Via Santa Maria Fulcorina 1, Milano IBAN: IT53 W 05696 01600 000061000X20 - SWIFT: POSOIT22

Appointment of the arbitrators under the UNCITRAL Rules

Upon request, the CAM appoints arbitrators under the arbitration Rules of the United Nations Commission for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).
CAM has adopted a new Procedure to run its services under the UNCITRAL (United Nation Commission on International Trade Law) Arbitration Rules.
The Procedure enter into force on 1 January 2016.