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By choosing an arbitration administered by the Milan Chamber of Arbitration (CAM), the parties entrust to the Institution the administration and organization of the proceedings, held under its arbitration Rules. Both arbitrators and parties must comply with the Rules, so that the due process principle and the equal treatment of the parties are respected.

Flexibility: the applicability of the Arbitration Rules does not prevent the parties from choosing other procedural rules. For instance, they could establish the seat of the arbitration and the language of the proceedings, as well as the rules applicable to the proceedings and to the merit of the dispute.

Technical expertise: in case the CAM has to appoint the arbitrators, it will select them among major professionals expert in the field of the dispute, with renowned practical and theoretical expertise in the field of arbitration.

Neutrality: all arbitrators, appointed by the Parties or by the Arbitral Council of the CAM, are required to submit a statement of independence ("disclosure") to the parties, to their counsels and on the subject matter of the dispute. When filing their disclosure, arbitrators shall consult the Notes drafted by the CAM for that purpose.
A full respect of arbitrators' independence is the very first step to grant a correct conduct of the proceedings. In this respect, the Chamber of Arbitration is committed to constantly monitor the independence and impartiality of the arbitrators and it has been the first arbitral institution in Europe to apply a Code of Ethics, which is mandatory for the arbitrators in their functions.

Rapidity: the Arbitral Council, together with the Secretariat, monitors the activity of the arbitrators and the parties in order to guarantee a rapid solution of the disputes.

Effectiveness: the Secretariat of the CAM carries out a formal examination of the award, in order to reduce the possibilities of challenging the award to the minimum.

Fees: refer to the schedule of fees annexed to the Arbitration Rules to know the costs of the proceedings and the fees of the arbitrators in advance.

Confidentiality: all the subjects involved in the arbitral proceedings are required, according to the Rules, to comply with the confidentiality of the proceedings and the award. The Chamber may publish the award in a sanitized format, in accordance with the Arbitration Rules and following the Guidelines drawn up by the Chamber itself in collaboration with LIUC - University of Castellanza.

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