Beyond judgments. Towards solutions

CAM performs the tasks provided for in the Procedural Guidelines through its Arbitral Council and its Secretariat. These bodies operate in accordance with the CAM Arbitration Rules in force at the time of the filing of any request.

The services provided in the Procedural Guidelines are offered in arbitrations not administered by CAM, individually and separately or as a package, based on the request of the applicant.

Should the parties agree – any time after the filing of the request - on submitting the case to CAM and to its administration, the cost paid by the parties for any service according to the Procedural Guidelines will be deducted from the CAM's fee fixed according to the schedule of fee attached to the CAM Arbitration Rules.
Where applicable and compatible, the services can be offered also for contractual determination proceedings, contractual expertise, expert witness procedure, mediation.
Lower costs than those here provided can be determined in case of specific and grounded circumstances.
The parties are jointly liable for the payment of the services of this Procedural Guidelines.
CAM shall keep any information confidential with regard to the services requested in accordance with this Procedural Guidelines.

The Procedural Guidelines is in force as of 1st January 2022.