Beyond judgments. Towards solutions

The Milan Chamber of Arbitration (CAM) is specialized in commercial dispute resolution. CAM provides an array of services and tools known as ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), which allow for a time effective resolution of disputes through extra-judicial methods.
As a matter of fact, commercial dispute resolution is one of the specific functions attributed to the chambers of commerce by the law (Italian Law No. 580 of 1993).

CAM is governed by institutional principles such as neutrality and transparency.

The tools offered are different and specific to the type of dispute and resolution needed.

It is therefore possible to get definitive enforceable decisions through arbitration and also to be supported in reaching an agreement with the counterparty through mediation, which take place online as well.

The Research and Documentation Centre G. Schiavoni provides material and publications for those who wish to develop their knowledge and keep up-to-date in the field of alternative justice.

International projects and partnerships, particularly in the Mediterranean countries, and in China have been developed in order to better respond to transnational issues involving intercultural profiles.