Dispute resolution

CAM acts as appointing authority in proceedings that it does not administer.
Where the parties request CAM to appoint an arbitrator, the Arbitral Council makes the appointment.
Where the parties so expressly state, the President of the Chamber of Arbitration, the President of the Arbitral Council or the General Director of the Chamber of Arbitration can make the appointment.
In these cases CAM can request the parties to provide the information that it considers to be necessary.

Way of appointment

In order to appoint an arbitrator CAM takes into consideration any condition agreed upon by the parties, the nature of the dispute, the subject matter of the dispute, the rules applicable to the merits as well as to the procedure, any linguistic skills and any other appropriate circumstance. CAM also takes into consideration the case at hand in order to appoint an independent and impartial arbitrator, regardless of his/her role within the panel.
Unless otherwise provided by parties, CAM cannot appoint as arbitrator:
a) members of the Board, members of the Arbitral Council and auditors of the Chamber of Arbitration;
b) CAM employees;
c) professional partners, employees and those who have an ongoing professional relationship with the persons indicated at point a).


Amount in dispute up to Euro 2.500.000
- Euro 1.000 plus VAT where due, for each individual appointment.
- Euro 2.500 plus VAT where due, for the appointment of the entire panel (3 arbitrators).

Amount in dispute above Euro 2.500.000
- Euro 4.000 plus VAT where due, for each individual appointment.