Dispute resolution

The Arbitration Rules of the Milan Chamber of Arbitration entered into force on January 1st 2010 and they are applicable to all proceedings started from that date.

The Rules are a modern and flexible tool, coherently integrated with the latest Italian legislative Reform on arbitration. They are the result of the established practice of the CAM, acquired through decades of experience in administering arbitral proceedings.

The official language of the Rules is the Italian, however translations are also available in:

Italian - English - French - German - Spanish - Portuguese  - Arabic



Revision of the CAM Rules: work in progress!
Fill in the form and partecipate in the review!
The forms received within 31 October 2017 will be examined by the Milan Chamber of Arbitration.


  • cam-arbitration-rules-2010   517 K pdf
  • cam-arbitration-rules-2004   284 K pdf