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The Arbitration Rules of the Milan Chamber of Arbitration entered into force on March 2nd 2023. The Rules are applicable to all proceedings started from that date.

The Rules are a modern and flexible tool, coherently integrated with the latest Italian legislative Reform on arbitration. They are the result of the established practice of the CAM, acquired through decades of experience in administering arbitral proceedings.

Italian is the official language of the Rules, however an English translation is also available:

CAM Arbitration Rules 2023

You can consult the synoptic chart of the 2020-2023 CAM Arbitration Rules here.

The 2020 Rules, in force for all proceedings initiated up to 28 February 2023, are available here.  
The 2019 Rules, in force for all proceedings initiated up to 30 July 2020, are available here.  
The 2010 Rules, in force for all proceedings initiated up to 28 february 2019, are available here.