Dispute resolution

IDArb: Facilitating Arbitration for International Distribution Disputes


Companies deciding to submit international distribution-related disputes (including agency and franchising agreements) to arbitration often face the problem of identifying arbitrators having a specific experience in that field. Moreover, in some cases, the amount at stake does not seem high enough to justify the recourse to international arbitration.

The International Distribution Institute (IDI), the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution (SCAI) and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce (CCIG) will report on their reflection, partnership and joint dispute resolution services aimed at allowing a greater time and cost efficiency for all disputes in the field of distribution (including for agency and franchising agreements), whether the amount in dispute is large or not.
A list of specialized arbitrators will be revealed and a dedicated arbitration clause will be proposed, together with specific procedural recommendations.

Arbitrators who are not on the list will be invited to consider submitting their candidacies and members of the Selecting Committee will be present.

Info and programme on SCAI website.