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Camera Arbitrale - azienda speciale della camera di commercio di Milano
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About us

About us

The Milan Chamber of Arbitration is a special branch of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and specializes in commercial dispute resolution. The Chamber provides an array of services and tools known as ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), which allow for a resolution of disputes within time-limits and through methods that are different from – alternative to, thus – judicial proceedings. The resolution of disputes is one of the regulatory market functions attributed by law to the chambers of commerce (Italian Law No. 580 of 1993).

The tools offered are different and specific to the type of dispute and resolution that is needed.soluzioni efficaci

Not only is it possible to obtain definitive enforceable decisions through arbitration, but also to be supported in reaching an agreement with the counterparty through mediation, which can be handled online as well.

The Research Centre for ADR provides material and publications for those who wish to develop their knowledge in the field of alternative justice.

The needs of international operators are considered and accommodated through specific projects, particularly carried out in the Mediterranean countries, and in collaboration with a partner of the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan, the ICBMC (Italy-China Business Mediation Centre), which focuses on disputes between Chinese and Italian companies.

All market operators with their specific needs and interests – companies, consumers, associations, professionals, and scholars – can rely on the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan as being a professional entity governed by institutional principles such as neutrality and transparency, providing continuous assistance and information to its users.  


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