Dispute resolution

Parties can request CAM to manage the costs of the arbitration. Such a management consists of determining the amount in dispute, fixing and collecting the advances on the costs to be paid by the parties, deciding the amounts for the arbitral tribunal’s fees and expenses, as well as for the tribunal’s expert (if any). In order to determine these amounts, CAM makes reference to its Arbitration Rules and the Schedule of fees attached thereto.
CAM Secretariat may require any party and arbitrator the information it deems necessary for CAM to better determine the costs.
Expenses are reimbursed upon presentation and control of the relevant supporting documentation, and they include travelling, meals and accommodations. Any further expenses shall be considered to be covered by the arbitrator’s fee.
Any lack of payment or an untimely one shall be reported to the parties and arbitrators.


Cost is set by CAM Secretariat on the basis of the amount in dispute by making reference to the Schedule of Fees of CAM Arbitration Rules in force when the request is submitted and to the CAM’s fee fixed thereto.
Cost is set between 35% and 60% of the CAM’s fee fixed thereto, starting from a minimum of Euro 5.000 plus VAT where due.