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Fees for the re-assignment of domain names in the ccTLD .it in EURO (22% VAT is NOT included).

Number of challenged domain names 1 expert 2 experts
1 € 1.200 € 3.000
2 € 1.800 3.600
3-5 € 2.400 € 5.000
For each additional domain name from 6 to 10 € 250 500
For each additional domain name from 11 € 150 300

Should the claimant withdraw the claim before it has been sent to the domain/s holder, the Secretariat will withhold a sum up to 40% of the amount paid depending on the stage of the proceedings and the activity done.  

Payments may be made by bank transfer to 'Camera Arbitrale di Milano'
account n. 000061000X20
Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Via Santa Maria Fulcorina 1, Milan
IBAN: IT53 W 05696 01600 000061000X20
Payment description: challenged domain name

We have a legal obligation to invoice the party of the proceedings directly (not the lawyer or the consultant). The fiscal data form should be submitted together with the complaint.

Download the Fiscal data form


  • fiscal-data-form   69 K docx