Beyond judgments. Towards solutions

ADR Art & Cultural Heritage uses mediation to bring benefits to the parties:

  • It is a private process respecting the confidentiality of the art market. Therefore, it may allow the resolution of conflict generally regulated by balances of power;
  • Mediation is consensual, helping the parties to preserve their long-term relationships;
  • The parties can pick an impartial mediator with a specific art-expertise;
  • The parties can be assisted by art professionals (i.e. art advisor) and linguistic translators of their choice;
  • Legal assistance it is not compulsory: the parties are free to choose whether to invite their lawyers or not;
  • Mediation has a lower cost and is faster if compared to a traditional legal proceeding. Under CAM’s provisions, the cost of mediation is tied to the value of the dispute. FEES;
  • The mediation process generally terminates within 45 days;
  • The concerted agreement signed by the parties is an enforceable title under the Italian legislation.


    Constantin Brancusi. Sleeping Muse [I]
    1910 - 16.5 x 26 x 18 cm - Bronze
    Photo: © Collection Centre Pompidou, Paris