Beyond judgments. Towards solutions

associazione antiquariThe Italian Antiquarians Association (A.A.I.) numbers 160 antiquarians, belongs to the International Confederation of Art and Antique Dealers' Associations (CINOA), is involved in the organization of prestigious cultural events, sponsors lectures and conferences designed to foster and spread a knowledge of antiques and antique dealing.
Finally, it also offers scholarships, awards and certificates aimed at stimulating the culture and knowledge of the heritage of antique art.
A.A.I. is based in Via del Parione 11, Florence. For further information please visit their website.

The National Association Galleries of Modern and Contemporary Art (ANGAMC) was founded in 1964 at the Union of Commerce, Tourism and Services of Milan as "Merchants National Union of Modern Art". It is organized into six delegation spread throughout the country, aims to represent and protect, in every location, the moral, economic and cultural interests of the category.
To that ends, the Association Provides services of common interest to the members; Examines and studies the problems of the class, promoting the solution with the relevant authorities in regulatory, fiscal and contributory field. Offers advice about questions of the members regarding their business and economic relations with third parties. Appoints representatives in public and private institutions whenever the protection of the interest of the sector is required or deemed necessary. The Association also delegates its member to speak in conference on themes related to the activities of the category. Encourages the friendly resolution of conflicts arising between members and, to that end, appoints arbitrators and expert. Supports the promotion, the diffusion and the protection of public and private collections by offering, to those who request it, an advisory service regarding the authenticity of modern and contemporary artworks lent by the expert commission working on the inside of the Association.
ANGAMC is based in Via degli Olivetani 8, Milan. For further information please visit their website.